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Translation Validation

Multilizer translation validation automates the validation of common QA issues in localization. It includes a comprehensive set of tests performed against localized versions of software/content.

Selecting [Project | Validate Options…] lets the user choose the validation routines to run. Results of validation can either be directed to the log window, or be saved as a report for later review. If validation settings differ from the default options, they are stored in the Multilizer project; this ensures that the same validation is applied consistently in the project.

Picture 1: The Validation Options dialog box.

Missing translation

Check if there are any missing translations.

Inconsistent format string

Check that same formatting strings (arguments) are present both in native string and translation.

Invalid amount of new lines

Check that the same numbers of new line characters are both in native string and translation.

Invalid amount of white spaces

Check that both the native string and translation include the same numbers of white spaces at string start and end.

Missing tab

Check that both native string and translation have the same number of tabs.

Missing periods

Check that both native string and translation include the same number of periods at the end of the string.

Missing colon

If native string includes a colon at the end, the translation should also. This is important, because label captions generally should include colon, and corresponding buttons should not. If native software follows these guidelines, this validation ensures good consistency in translated software too.

Inconsistent hotkey

Check that if hotkey is specified in the native value the translated value has to have hotkey as well and vice versa.

Invalid hotkey character

Check that the hotkey is given to the valid character (e.g. not to the tab or line feed character).

Invalid hotkey position

Check that the hotkey position is valid (e.g. hotkey marker is not at the end of string).

Duplicate form hotkey

Check that dialog has no duplicated hotkeys.

Overlapping controls

Check that the controls on the forms and dialogs are not overlapping (e.g. button is not under the text field).

Unmapped component

Software created in component-based developing tools (Visual Basic, .NET, and Delphi/C++Builder) can include 3rd-party components that contain localizable information. In order to localize these, they need to be mapped in Multilizer. This validation informs, if there are any component that need to be mapped.

Development Platforms
Visual Studio .NET
Visual Studio 4-6
Delphi & C++Builder
Delphi 2005
XML Files
Java (J2SE, J2EE, J2ME)
Mobile (Symbian/Palm/WinCE)
Data Files (Key/INI/etc.)